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We are a team of Healthcare training experts who work with you to make real difference to the quality of care provided to patients and the working environment of staff.
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We provide engaging and interactive eleaming courses on healthcare topics
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Thinking glocal of new concepts for the healthcare system of the future . ,more info
  • The healthcare system is currently undergoing a process of fundamental change.
  • On the one hand, technological advances are increasing the opportunity for developing more appropriate and comprehensive medical treatment; on the other hand, the cost of medical care of an increasingly ageing population must be borne by a decreasing labor force.
  • In addition, the healthcare system is impacted by the trend toward a mobile society and by new communication technologies.
  • To ensure that future generations can also enjoy high quality healthcare, proactive measures must be initiated promptly.
Research projects in collaboration with business cooperation, more info
The ”Research project are looking at the question of how to prevent occupational diseases and how to help those off work sick to return to work. For this purpose, local Health Experts will set up local units providing counseling services to small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of prevention and treatment of work-related illnesses as well as patient reintegration management. The “Health Research Network” is examining to what extent the strengthening of health-related resources and measures in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) has an impact on competitiveness, productivity and innovation capacity. A panel study, conducted in collaboration with SMEs, is analyzing how employees and executives can work more effectively. More :
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